Who are we?

SST was born from the union of 2 professional visionaries with expertise and know how in the areas of steam turbine mechanics and industrial automation.

After years of working in the field and applying their knowledge in large companies, national and international, seeing the existing limitations and needs of the area in which they were working with, they realized that if they put together all their know-how and expertise, they could offer integrated solutions to improve the productivity process of the customers.
Thus, uniting and integrating the knowledge of each of its creators that SST arises to meet and offer greater agility, optimizing processes and stages, with the necessary quality, without increasing costs or losses and ensuring even greater return on the results of their customers.
SST is headquartered in the town of Piracicaba-SP / Brazil, but its service capacity is worldwide. It has the capacity to serve all continents with the same quality and efficiency, due to the differentiated know-how of its creators, professionals and approved suppliers.
Its creators, have established a commitment to integrity, quality and practicality, reaching the sector with the noble purpose of bringing competence and innovation, with technological excellence and always respecting the highest levels of technical requirements and environmental and safety standards.

Our Differential

SST offers integrated service to products sales with MEGGITT, Bijur Delimon certified representation and distribution as well as TRACE compliance seal.

What guarantees to every customer technological excellence, ethics and commitment in every service provided or sale performed by our company. We have passed by strict quality and compliance certification processes, in order to offer the best practices, solutions and service for each client.
We attend worldwide, with agility, practicality of integrated solutions, taking care of all phases of your project. From the preparation, planning, controls, engineering, production, assistance, sale of equipment and spare parts, our professionals are ready to act efficiently according to your need.

Certified company by TRACE

TRACE is a globally recognized anti-bribery business organization and leading provider of cost-effective third party risk management solutions.